Our Team

Burt Rapoport

President of Rapoport's Restaurant Group
A visionary, third-generation restaurant aficionado, award-winning restaurateur Burt Rapoport has led an impressive legacy in the South Florida restaurant scene for over three decades. Rapoport started his career in New York City, where his family owned and operated a successful kosher dairy restaurant for fifty years. President of Rapoport's Restaurant Group in Boca Raton, Florida, he is recognized for his dedication to providing high-quality cuisine for a good value, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and truly attentive service at all of his restaurants.

Chef Patrick Broadhead

Executive Chef

Chef Patrick Broadhead leads the chef team at Burt and Max’s after spending 15 successful years at Max's Grille. At Max's, Broadhead worked his way up to Executive Chef bringing his own distinctive style to the menu. In September of 2016, Broadhead accepted the Executive Chef position at Burt & Max’s where he brings his own flair and style to the menu.

Steve Mann

Managing Partner /         General Manager
A veteran in the South Florida restaurant industry, Steve Mann, General Manager of Burt & Max’s, has always had a true passion for his profession. Mann began his career working for Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max as a server at Max’s Grille. Working his way up the ranks, he soon became manager at one of their sister restaurants. He then moved onto opening Rapoport and Max’s other restaurant Prezzo in Kendall as a manager, and later took part in the opening of Prezzo in Aventura, a popular hot spot for the area in the 90s. Over the years Mann managed many popular South Florida restaurants including Hotel Astor, Gigi’s, Red Bowl, Lake Worth’s historic Gulfstream Hotel and Prime Italian of the Myles Restaurant Group. While managing restaurants all of his life, Mann never forgets the importance of hard work and support of his employees. "There’s nothing I won’t do for anyone in the restaurant whether it’s a guest or an employee, and will do it every day," says Mann, who believes guests should always be treated as they are in their own home.
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